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A certain amount of discomfort is usually encountered when learning or experiencing something new for the first time.  Can you remember a time when you felt this way?  Maybe a time where you engaged in a new activity where you felt like you were the least knowledgeable person in the room at that moment? But what happened- sure, you made some mistakes and maybe even temporarily chastised yourself about your lack of knowledge, BUT experiencing and learning about this new activity and how to perform it well, went on to enrich your life in a meaningful and productive way.


For over 75 years, in gyms and fitness clubs across America, successful exercise and training techniques have been discovered and refined by bodybuilders, powerlifters, strongmen, and many, many athletes and coaches from a variety of sports.  This sports, exercise, and fitness knowledge SLOWLY trickles down to the "mainstream public".  Eventually, it is embraced by fitness enthusiasts and average people who just want to be healthy and fit, and look good in a bathing suit.


Lately, it has become trendy, contrary to the interest of the common good, and very profitable for large gyms and fitness club franchises to blatantly discriminate against athletes, bodybuilders, powerlifters, strongmen, and even Cross-Fitters because they believe they are giving the public what they want- a comfortable, non-intimidating, warehouse full of fancy looking machines.  I call this approach "$9.99 Fitness".  Apparently, if no one in their local planet of fitness club has an athletic background or an education on how to exercise properly, everyone can confidently perform their unproductive workouts without looking unintelligent.  Is this a good thing?


Unfortunately, exercise is not magic.  You cannot expect to simply go do some random physical activity, make yourself sweat for 40-60 minutes, and get the body you envision in your mind.  Effective, efficient training needs to be programmed and organized correctly to get the desired results. The exercises you perform should emphasize technique and be part of a logical, cohesive strategy.  Performing exercise(s) properly and effectively utilizing high quality training equipment separates dramatic fitness success from "I can NOT seem to make any progress!".


So, how can you start to figure out how to perform an activity correctly?  Well, faced with that problem, most human beings will look to other human beings that are proficient at that activity and seek to copy, imitate, or MODEL their efforts to emulate those of a particularly successful person they have the opportunity to observe (usually for free!).


Careful observation can be a great teacher.  Now, imagine being in the best equipped fitness center in your area with just a few courteous men and women who know how to exercise effectively and efficiently. Wouldn't being around them start to give you a lot of great ideas for your own workouts?  Wouldn't  you start to absorb their knowledge and experience simply from being around them?  What an amazing opportunity!


At EDGE 24 Hour Private Fitness in Dracut, unlike other gyms and fitness centers, we DO NOT discriminate against potential members based on their level of sports and fitness experience.  Everyone deserves an opportunity to be treated fairly and courteously, whether you are an accomplished athlete or a complete fitness "newbie".


Come, join us, and find out why members of EDGE 24 Hour Private Fitness LOVE working out here.  We are growing carefully, providing an unparalleled fitness advantage through the careful selection and implementation of the world's best and most innovative exercise equipment, and consistently increasing the collective knowledge base of our members.

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