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"Convenience is what I love most about EDGE."
by Keri M.

"In order for anyone to achieve their fitness goals and stick to them they need to place themselves in an environment that is accessible. 

It is extremely hard to stay motivated when your time is limited at the gym.  With access to Edge 24 hours a day I no longer have to schedule my life around my workouts because I don�t have to worry about business hours. 

I come and go as I please and I enjoy the personal and friendly environment Edge offers.  Also, just knowing that when I get there I will not have to wrestle with someone over the equipment or feel uncomfortable due to an overwhelming amount of people, makes the experience much more enjoyable."

"I joined Edge 24 Hour Private Fitness gym back in February of 2013 and since then I have lost 40 pounds."

by Regman E.

"I joined Edge 24 Hour Private Fitness gym back in February of 2013 and since then I have lost 40 pounds.  The atmosphere is friendly, the machines are clean and in working order, the support staff is approachable and the location is perfect.  My top reason for choosing Edge Fitness is the privacy.  You're not crammed in next to others working out, you don't have to stand around aimlessly awaiting your turn at a machine and you can hit the gym whenever you want.  I like to go early in the mornings, but sometimes I go after work or late at night.  I appreciate the fact that it's open 24 hours and available whenever I choose to go.  The machines are state of the art, and I enjoy the personal TVs on the cardio equipment.  When I go to the gym, I can work out in peace, not feel pressured by staff or other clientele.  I've gleaned lots of advice from Paul, a personal trainer at Edge, on workout techniques.  He always has time to answer my questions and provide tips.  I'm impressed with his expertise in the fitness field and will continue to draw on that expertise going forward with my workout routine.  With no business hours to worry about, I can work out at my own pace and my own schedule, in an inviting atmosphere that makes me feel at ease."

"EDGE 24 Hour Private Fitness - A Fabulous Gym!"
By Yvonne L.

"Why do I love working out at EDGE 24 Hour Private Fitness Gym?  Because it is private... no gym staff bother you, trying to sell you a new package. You can go to the gym at your convenience, any time, night or day, even on holidays. The equipment is "top-of-the-line" and always well maintained. The gym is impeccably clean. The clientele is friendly, but serious. Anyone will help you at any time, but people are focused on their workouts. I was intimidated by big gyms, lots of people... but this intimate gym provides me an environment where I can focus on my workout, feel safe and comfortable. If you are serious about getting healthy, maintaining physical fitness, reducing stress and feeling better about you, EDGE 24 Private Fitness has my unreserved recommendation."

"Best place to workout... period."
by Bob J.
"The equipment is of the highest quality, nothing but the best. the selection of equipment is not matched at any of the local gyms. You can go at any time of the day or night, never any wait to use equipment. The most I have seen in the gym at anytime has been 4 people and that is at prime time. If you want you can schedule your time so that in the gym it is only you. I have been in gyms all my life and this is the best place for people who are serious about working out."

by David G.

"Clean. High quality equipment. Open 24 hours a day...365 days a year...workout when you want without restrictions.

I have never waited to use equipment. At most four or five people in the gym at a time...most of the time I am alone..

The Sales Staff are personable and easy to talk too..."

"Best gym in the Dracut, MA area!!!"
by Mark S.

"Edge 24 Hour Private Fitness is great. Machines are always available and the best quality, the club is always clean and the sales staff is very nice and easy to work with.  They are very understanding and do anything and everything they can to make you happy. I suggest joining this club. I have belonged to many other ones and was not happy with the pressure and the way I was treated when I belonged. There was no pressure to join Edge 24 Hour Private Fitness. When I met with the sales staff, they just gave me honest and true information and were not going for the "big sale". They are not just out to get all the people he can to join. They really cares about their business and their members. Thanks Edge!!"

"Just wanted to say:"

by Joshua M.

"I freakin' *love* this gym.  It's truly amazing--my back is feeling better than it has in months, largely due to the Reverse Hyper.  HUGE thanks for putting this special place together. 

Thanks again!"

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