It's Time for YOU.

Edge 24 Hour Private Fitness

"Pure and simple- the PERFECT workout environment..."


EDGE 24 Hour Private Fitness is all about the workout.  Walking in, you will feel inspired.  Everything, from the cool, sleek lines of the clean, industrial decor and the subtle glow of specialty lighting, to the pleasing acoustics of commercial-free digital radio, feels just right.  You will find the energy you need for your most productive workouts right HERE!


Exercise whenever YOU want to.  Life is hectic enough without having to worry about what time the gym closes today or being shuffled out because the facility is closing in 5 minutes.  EDGE 24 Hour Private Fitness is never closed to its members.  24 hours a day.  7 days each week.  365 days per year.  EDGE is always there, waiting patiently for you to return.  When you do, you will remember why you love this place!


EDGE 24 Hour Private Fitness is equipped with the absolute best equipment money can buy, a quality you can feel with every rep of the barbell and every step on the treadmill.  Every piece of equipment was painstakingly selected under the highest scrutiny and chosen based on 3 criteria: comfort, design, and functionality.


Having the best equipment in the area is not enough.  Even though EDGE 24 Hour Private Fitness is equipped at the with the latest, greatest, and highest quality fitness equipment and technology, EDGE promises an ongoing commitment to maintain and update all our exercise systems regularly.  Our equipment array boasts several specialized pieces not available any where else in New England.


1. Exclusive 24/7/365 Access to the World's Most Effective Fitness Equipment-
EDGE is equipped with the area's ONLY Reverse Hyper-Extension Station and Bio-Mechanically Correct Glute-Ham Raise (GHR)

2. ONLY EDGE protects your workouts by placing a limit on the total number of active members.
3. The EDGE Facility is clean, organized, meticulously maintained, climate-controlled, and specifically designed to offer you a true exercise and fitness advantage.


4. Access to ELEIKO Bumper Plates, Technique Discs, and Training Bars.

5. Access to specialized Accommodative Resistance Training accessories.