It's Time for You.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: I heard that it costs $100/month to become a member at EDGE.  Is that true?

It does not cost anywhere near $100/month to become a member at EDGE.  In fact, considering that
  1. EDGE is the ONLY TRUE 24 hour gym in the area,
  2. the quality of our equipment is unparallelled,
  3. EDGE is open an average of 33% more hours each day than other gyms,

An EDGE Membership is the absolute best value for your dollar.

ANSWER: No.  Never.  Our first responsibility is to our current Members. 

Our Members DEPEND on Edge to be what it is and what it will always be- a clean, private, convenient, stress-free, constantly maintained, logically organized, and perfectly equipped sanctuary where they can make the very most of their exercise time.

Using short-term sales tactics that will maybe stimulate new sign-ups, but will almost definitely annoy current members, is a terrible idea and a horrible practice that any intelligent customer should object to.
QUESTION: As a member, am I allowed to bring a GUEST?
No.  Edge is a PRIVATE, members-only, health and fitness club - we are not open to the public.  All personnel utilizing the equipment and facility at Edge must be registered, active members.  Violation of this rule is a violation of the member agreement and, in addition to immediate membership cancellation, violators may be subject to legal action.

QUESTION: Can anyone become a member at EDGE or do I have to be some sort of elite athlete?

ANSWER:  You do not have to be an elite athlete to train here, but you may feel like one when you do.  Even though EDGE is the most technologically advanced training facility in the area, our members are normal everyday people.  Whether you have never lifted weights before or you are a competitive athlete, EDGE is thoroughly equipped to meet your needs.
ANSWER:  EDGE does not have a POOL, a SAUNA, or a STEAM ROOM.

Our focus is on being the highest quality and best equipped STRENGTH, CARDIO, and CONDITIONING facility.

QUESTION: Ok, so you're open 24 hours... but, can I go workout at EDGE at 3am on Christmas Day?

ANSWER: Yes.  EDGE is open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year.  You can workout at 3am on Christmas Day... even if there is 18 inches of fresh snow on the ground.  If you can get there, you can workout.
QUESTION: I see other gyms offering membership rates as low as $9.99/month... why doesn't EDGE charge only $9.99 month?

ANSWER:  Because "other gyms" have an entirely different approach to the market.  Edge 24 Hour Private Fitness is the ONLY gym that protects your workouts by placing a limit on the total number of members.  The average number of members working out at any one time is usually between 2-5.  Over-selling our memberships, as many "other gyms" do, would compromise the quality of the members experience here at EDGE.

Let's face it- a gym, fitness center, or health club charging $9.99/month is signing up everyone they possibly can and hoping that you do not even show up to workout.

In addition, $9.99/month may be the right price for you, but how will you feel when you discover that 90% of the equipment they install in these types of "fitness centers" DO NOT provide ANY significant increase in physical performance or health benefits?  Is it still worth $9.99/month?


QUESTION: I was wondering if your gym is more geared towards bodybuilding and if there are plenty of cardio machines, and if there is a women's room?

ANSWER: Edge is most geared towards people who want the convenience of working out whenever they choose- early mornings, days, late nights, weekends, or even holidays.  Currently, to the best of my knowledge, we do not have any competitive bodybuilders as members.  Our membership population is a pretty diverse group of all types, ranging from a 82-year-old woman (who actually lifts weights!), to a teenage boy that works out with his mom. 
We do not have a separate women's room, but many women have joined Edge due to our more private atmosphere.  The average number of members working out at any one time is between 2-5 members.  That's only 2-5 people on the main gym floor at any one time, on average!  We have ample cardio equipment for this specific gym model, including bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, and stairmaster.

This whole fallacy of the gyms being filled with huge bodybuilders, models, and beautiful people is the manufactured marketing ploy of large fitness franchises manipulating consumers into a buying decision that makes them millions and costs you your opportunity to truly get healthy and fit.