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"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." - Jim Rohn, American Entrepreneur, Author, and Motivational Speaker 
Edge 24 Hour Private Fitness has partnered with the top companies in the world to bring you an unparalleled fitness experience.
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ATLANTIS Strength Systems

You haven't heard of ATLANTIS Strength Systems?  That's okay - do you know who has heard of Atlantis Strength Systems?  Prince Albert of Monaco, pop-star Ricky Martin, rock legend Lenny Kravitz, Olympic Strength Coach Charles Poliquin, and dozens of NHL, NFL, and Olympic athletes.  These people wanted the absolute best strength equipment that money can buy.  They chose Atlantis.  So did EDGE.

Looking for a gym that has BUMPER PLATES so you can practice your snatches, cleans, and jerks?  Edge 24 Hour Private Fitness is the ONLY local, full-service gym where you can find that!
Why has Edge partnered with Eleiko?  For over 50 years, Eleiko Sport has been a worldwide leader within international strength and conditioning, weightlifting and powerlifting communities. Since 1963 when their equipment was used for the first time in an international weightlifting championship, athletes lifting with Eleiko barbells have set more than 1,000 world records. That’s probably a world record in itself...

IRON GRIP Barbell Company

Founded in 1993, Iron Grip Barbell Company quickly rose to prominence through the introduction of a revolutionary new design for weight plates. At the 1993 IHRSA convention, Iron Grip launched the first and only weight plates with integrated handgrips and a unique 12-sided design. This breakthrough became the company's signature product and represents the most significant improvement to the industry's oldest fitness equipment - the iron barbell and weight plate.


EDGE 24 Hour Private Fitness wants the best for our members.  So does Cybex. 

Cybex has created premium quality exercise equipment to improve your physical wellbeing, function and performance.  Cybex fitness equipment is designed to deliver unparalleled results from first-time users to professional athletes. 

Cybex is one of our trusted partners, and shares our vision in offering the best fitness experience possible to our Edge Members.


Life Fitness is the largest commercial fitness equipment manufacturer in the world.

Life Fitness has a heritage of being out in front. More than three decades ago, their very first product, the Lifecycle exercise bike, sparked a worldwide fitness revolution. Today, Life Fitness offers a full line of cardiovascular and strength-training products designed for exercisers of all fitness levels.

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