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Olympic Weightlifting
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Olympic Weightlifting at Edge 24 Hour Private Fitness
Looking for a gym that has BUMPER PLATES so you can practice your snatches, cleans, and jerks? Edge 24 Hour Private Fitness is the ONLY local, full-service gym where you can find that!

Edge 24 Hour Private Fitness has partnered with Eleiko Sport, offering our members access to the world's best olympic weightlifting equipment. The olympic lifts are currently growing in popularity largely due to the CrossFit community - this as a very good thing! Regular practice of the olympic lifts has AMAZING effects on your strength, flexibility, agility, and overall health.

Edge quickly recognized how difficult it can be to find access to good quality weightlifting bumper plates and bars and decided to partner with Eleiko Sport in order to provide the very best quality option to our exclusive members. 

Join Edge today and feel the difference elite quality equipment can have on YOUR training.
Edge recently added to our Eleiko equipment collection by purchasing Technique Discs. Technique Discs are lightweight plates that allow beginners to use very light loading while learning proper technique on the Olympic lifts.

Donny Shankle
The great Donny Shankle


The phrase “Olympic Weightlifting” distinguishes this sport from Powerlifting, Strongman contests and other strength sports. These disciplines, the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk, are performed with two hands using the Olympic bars, which are larger than the standard bars bodybuilders have used in their home gyms over the decades. This sport is governed by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), founded in 1905. Since most of the world uses the Metric System, the lifter’s bodyweight and the weight loaded on the bar are expressed in Kilograms. (One Kilogram=2.2046 pounds.) The Women’s bar with collars weighs 20 Kilos; Men’s bar with collars weighs 25 Kilos. Weight is added to the bars in whole kilo increments.


The Snatch is contested first. The athlete lifts the bar from the platform to overhead position in one smooth motion, arms straight, and must stand erect, motionless; the Referees signal that the bar may be lowered to the platform. The lifter cannot drop the bar until it has descended to shoulder height. If you go to YouTube you will find plenty of videos of the Snatch being executed.

After all lifters have completed the Snatch phase, the second element of the competition, the Clean & Jerk, is contested. As the name suggests, this is a two-part lift. The bar is pulled (“cleaned”) from the platform upward in front of the body and secured at top of chest/front of shoulders, lifter standing upright. A pause at this point is required. The second part of the lift consists of the bar being driven explosively to overhead position with arms locked straight at conclusion. The lifter dips at his/her knees, then starts to ram the bar upward and “splits” the legs–one forward, the other aft–to further lower the body, which facilitates getting the bar to overhead position. Then the lifter must “recover” the feet so the legs are aligned beneath the torso; the lifter must become motionless to get the signal from the Referees to lower the bar. Note: A minority of lifters prefer to drop into a semi-squat when ramming the bar overhead in the Jerk part of the lift, instead of “splitting.” Again, YouTube will be a good source for videos of correctly performed Clean & Jerks (or at least, successful ones!).