It's Time for YOU.


101 Broadway Road, Suite 5

Dracut, MA 01826


Phone: 978-454-3247


  • Meet 1-on-1 with an experienced, qualified Coach every 4 weeks.  This personal training session will last approximately 60 minutes. 
  • In the training session, you will work your way through a brief workout and familiarize yourself with the necessary exercises for the upcoming 4 weeks. Expect about 5-10 minutes on stretching, 25-40 minutes strength and conditioning, and 10-15 minutes of discussion.  A notebook will help you immensely, especially one that is well-kept over the long-term.  Also, calendar apps, such as iPhone Calendar, are very useful for recording workouts and can help keep you organized.
  • Additional topics of discussion included, but not limited to: flexibility training, diet, supplementation, recovery, work, recreation, and rest.
  • We will identify the key factors in your life that are currently not allowing for your fitness goals to be met, and work on solutions to resolve them.
  • We will create a plan, unique to you, that fits your lifestyle and personal habits.
  • Your training will evolve over time.  Your initial workouts will be quite simple, but you will progress to more sophisticated routines, in time, at your own pace.
  • The diet will also evolve over time to something that works for your fitness goals, but also allows you to "feel normal" and "live your life".
  • You will receive a written copy of your plan within 3-5 days of your personal training session, via email, in the form of a .pdf document (Adobe Reader).


The time, energy, worry, and guesswork about how to construct the best exercise and diet program is completely eliminated.  All you need to worry about is carrying out each 4 week block.  You will finally be armed with an effective and wildly successful plan.